Journal Publications for 2006

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- Zhu Han, Andres Kwasinski, and K. J. Ray Liu, "A Near-Optimal Joint Source Channel Speech Resource Allocation Scheme over Downlink CDMA Networks", IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol.54, no.9, p.p.1682-1692, September, 2006, pdf.

- Guan-Ming Su, Zhu Han, Min Wu, and K. J. Ray Liu, "Multiuser Cross-Layer Resource Allocation for Video Transmission over Wireless Networks", IEEE Network Magazine, p.p.21-27, March/April, 2006, pdf.

- Yan Lindsay Sun, Wei Yu, Zhu Han, and K. J. Ray Liu, "Information Theoretic Framework of Trust Modelling and Evaluation for Ad Hoc Networks", IEEE Journal on Selected Areas on Communications, vol.24, no.2, p.p.305-317, February, 2006, pdf.